Aaron at NTV7 Golden Awards in Malaysia (20140920)
Translation of Aaron’s response about his ‘friendship’ with Calvin Chen:

"Me and Calvin are both under the same management company, just like you guys are all under the same news report company; however, you may not all be good friends with one another. Not trying to say that you didn’t put any effort in, just like me, I’ve put a lot of effort into it, but maybe because the environment which I grew up in plus the job which I’m doing are different, so I’ve never asked for things like fate. We’re both happy about it. I’m definitely not saying I don’t see him as a good friend, but this kind of stuff cannot be asked for. Just like love, you wouldn’t force yourself to be with a girl who you don’t like. Even though this is a very simple reasoning, but I still hope everyone can put themselves in my perspective to think about it, that’s all. We don’t have anything against each other. We just didn’t really want to go out to watch movies and have fun together all the time, neither were there many opportunities for us to do so. I cannot say anything for sure. Time is a very treacherous thing, it can cause an enemy to become a good friend, yet it can cause a good friend to become an enemy, nothing’s definite. There’s nothing wrong between us, just that we cannot become good friends." [04:35-5:50]

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Before I share my rant thoughts, I just wanted to say that they are absolutely NOT directed at any member, but rather the situation itself. 

The entire fandom is jumping in anticipation for the new round of concerts, fooling around, and loving memories shared between ELFs and SJ;
But a small part of the fandom, including myself, was completely heartbroken just after the first day. Maybe even dreading the rest of the tour. 

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I know I don’t fangirl much over them anymore, but realizing what happened at SS6 brought back all those feelings of outrage that surfaced when that stupid petition came out last year… I’m just… I don’t even know. Not angry, no. Just…disappointed. Disappointed that something like this happened, especially after last year’s concert. *sighs* I guess it’s almost a good thing I’m too busy nowadays to even keep up with what they’re doing…. 


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